KPІAbіtFest tomorrow!

Day of open doors April 10 will be repaired at 10:00 am from the most up-to-date food and preparation and will start before KPI IM. Igor Sikorskogo:
• 5 crocs to the mark: Yak enter to the KPI im. Igor Sikorskogo near 2021 rotsi? All about the entry, filing an application and the original documents in 2021 rotsi
• Academic mobility: opportunities for students
• Viyskova Department of KPI IM. Igor Sikorskogo
• About living in gurtozhitsu university
• Tsikave from students
You can supply power to the speaker here.
Where: YouTube

And already from 13:10 zoom meetings with faculties / institutes – prepare your questions and get connected!
Where: in Zoom, all links and schedule here.

Entrant on the site |instagram | telegram
YouTube playlist
With questions here
Be careful and healthy, take care of yourself and we are waiting for you!

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