Practice is a necessary component of specialist training. Conducted according to the curriculum of the department in the specialty 172 “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” educational program (specialization) Information and Communication Technologies.

Undergraduate practice is the final stage of the practical preparation of students studying under educational and professional programs of preparation of bachelors and masters. Before completing the undergraduate internship, the student must obtain the subject of certification work in order to consolidate and deepen the knowledge of vocational training courses, collect factual material and perform the necessary studies on the topic of certification work.
Undergraduate practice is an important element of the practical preparation of students and their development as skilled workers in the field of telecommunications. Undergraduate internships take 5 weeks to complete undergraduate practice, 8 weeks are provided for 6th year students.

The list of documents is required for undergraduate practice in the 4th and 6th courses:

 Research practice is one of the elements of educational and scientific programs of preparation of masters, as well as an element of research work of masters in terms of processing applied and experimental part of their dissertation work, realization of their ideas, researches, obtained results in practice and their formation as skilled workers. in the field of telecommunications.
 It is an integral part of the curriculum for the preparation of masters in the final stage of their work on the master’s thesis, namely in the 4th semester, 5 weeks.

The list of documents is required for the passage of research practice:

 Pedagogical practice is a component of educational programs of doctors of philosophy. It is conducted in the 3rd semester after mastering the postgraduate training of a certain pedagogical discipline (2 weeks).
In the course of pedagogical practice, the students’ knowledge of higher education pedagogics is deepened, the ability to carry out scientific and methodological analysis of the curricula of individual educational disciplines, to develop lesson plans, to conduct various types of classroom activities, to evaluate the results of their own activity, to develop and consolidate their own activities. .
 Pedagogical practice allows, using the acquired theoretical foundation, to develop in postgraduate students creativity, initiative, activity, independence, the desire for continuous self-improvement, to develop and introduce their own teaching methods in the educational process, to use innovative pedagogical technologies and more.

The list of documents is necessary for passing pedagogical practice:​


On the eve of practice, the head of the department instructs students (graduate students) and issues:
•  work program of practice;
•  diaries and individual assignments for students to complete the internship;
Upon arrival at the company, the student should submit to the head of the practice from the enterprise a diary and work program of practice, familiarize with the content of the individual task, undergo occupational safety briefing, get acquainted with the workplace, the rules of operation of the equipment and clarify the plan of the practice.
During practice, the student must follow the rules of the internal organization of the enterprise and keep a diary to complete the internship. The student can only be withdrawn from the practice with the permission of the head of the enterprise.
The practice report is prepared by the student in accordance with the program of practice and individual assignment. 
The practice credit is taken on the last day of practice by the department commission, to which the student submits a fully-fledged diary and report. Without a completed and approved by the diary and report without practice is not counted.