The semester control of the spring semester 2020/2021 begins today

Semester control consists of two parts: passing tests / defense of term papers (from May 24 to June 5, 2021) and exams (from 07 to 19 June 2021). All events will be held remotely in accordance with the approved regulations: • Semester control in remote form. • Protection of DR / DP / MD in remote form.

We recommend that you review the streams of DNVR before control measures: •
Semester control – questions and answers” – about the features of semester control in remote form; about possible assessments based on the results of semester control and what to do with them; about deductions, interruptions, transfer and renewal!
• “Academic debt liquidation” – on the peculiarities of debt liquidation in accordance with the provisions on current, calendar and semester control; what to do if not admitted, if you received an unsatisfactory grade, if you want to postpone the study of disciplines; about re-study of disciplines.

For more useful learning articles, see Helpic in the Shelf Training section. Some of them:
• Elimination of academic debt of the summer session 2020/2021 academic year.
• You received an academic debt, what’s next?
• Transfer to / from KPI named after Igor Sikorsky.
• Update to KPI. Igor Sikorsky.
• Regulations on expulsion, interruption of education, transfer and renewal of higher education applicants.

When: semester control will last:
• 24.05-05.06 tests / KR / KP
• 07.06-19.06 exams
• 22.06-26.06 liquidation of academic debt
Where: Online

DNVR on Facebook telegram. There are questions, misunderstandings during the semester control – write to us immediately. Good luck!

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