TM Forum updates

Building a platform for growth through cultural transformation
Learn more about Libyan International Telecom Company’s cultural transformation through investments in employee upskilling, expansion in the face of a pandemic and conflict, and adopting processes defined with TM Forum’s Business Process Framework as well as TM Forum Business Assurance assets and Curate FX tools.

My API Story: Accelerating the path to transformation
According to Jack Raynor, Senior Director – Software & Integration services at CommScope, having a robust set of Open APIs has provided the company’s solutions with a consistency, agility and portability which would have been difficult to achieve using proprietary APIs. Find out how.

What is connectivity-as-a-service?
For years, providers have been trying to figure out how to emulate their cloud counterparts who are driving change and delivering the experiences customers want. Connectivity-as-a-service (CaaS) could be the answer. Read the report now to understand why a new approach to connectivity is needed, and the opportunity that comes with (CaaS).

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