Quarantine 2020-2021 in KPI (18.04.2021, news for the week)

The daily number of new cases of COVID-19 in the country remains at a consistently high level. During the week, about 12-18 thousand new cases were detected per day.

▫️ The second stage of vaccination is currently underway in Ukraine, during which people at extremely high risk of infection and development of COVID-19 and those who provide medical services are vaccinated. As of April 12, 378,269 people had been vaccinated.

▫️ Vaccination with CoronaVac vaccine from Chinese Sinovac Biotech started in Ukraine on April 14. Contact involves receiving 1.9 million doses of vaccine. Currently, 215,000 doses have been imported to Ukraine.

▫️ On April 16, Ukraine received the first batch of Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19. 117,000 doses of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines were delivered on a special flight under the COVAX mechanism. The trade name of this vaccine is Comirnaty.

▫️ In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in most regions of Ukraine, a “red” level of epidemic danger has been established. This week the “red” level is also set in Poltava region. More about levels.

On April 16, the Kyiv Emergency Commission decided to extend the intensified quarantine restrictions in the capital until April 30.

▫️ See how the university works during the period of intensified quarantine measures here.

It became known that in KPI on COVID-19 fell ill: • 12.04.2021: 2 employees of the Department of Economic Work (1 building), without contacts; on self-isolation. • 13.04.2021: 1 FBT student (19 dormitory), 1 contact person; 1 FIOT student (16 dormitory), without contacts; all on self-isolation. • 14.04.2021: 1 employee of the Campus (7 dormitories), 2 contact persons; 1 employee of the Campus (10 dormitories), 3 contact persons; all on self-isolation. • 16.04.2021: 1 employee of ISZZI (27 building), without contacts; 1 employee of ISZZI (24 building), without contacts; all on self-isolation.

Follow the safety rules carefully: if physical distancing is not possible – carefully follow the rules of respiratory protection (wear masks if it is impossible to keep distance!), Hand hygiene (wash thoroughly with soap or disinfectant solution) and ventilate the room. They are key security measures!

With questions here. Or write directly to the chief physician of the ICPS. The health of you and others depends on each of us!

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